Движение SUN в Кыргызстане

Together for better Nutrition and Food Safety!

May 31, 2017

Together for better Nutrition and

Food Safety!




The UNICEF has provided the support to the Civil Alliance for Nutrition and Food Security in developing the actions toward achieving the goals in Nutrition.

A seminar devoted to Strategic Promotion of Nutrition Issues for 2017-2020 in the Population held on May 30-31, 2017 was participated by the partners, experts and 18 members of the Alliance from all the regions of Kyrgyzstan.


The participants reviewed the nutrition targets, compliant with the Sustainable Development Goals, and Development Strategy for 2040, and SUN Strategy for 2015-2020, and were highly committed to develop a strategy for achieving the Nutrition Goals.  Members of the Alliance took very active roles in the group work resulted in changes to formulation of the Network vision and mission, and defined the strategic nutrition goals, tasks and key actions to coordinate of scaling-up nutrition and the MSP activities.

During the Day 1 were outlined the key steps for the Alliance activities. A Draft Strategy is going to be distributed among all members of the Alliance for discussion and approval.


For many of its members, participation in the Alliance has been an opportunity to bring together the important issues in the field of Nutrition and Food Security to the national level.